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We at Electro Mech (India) have been serving the industries such as Automobile, Forging, Steel, Gears, Rubber, and many more with the highest level of products and services for over 32 years now. We have built our reputation on delivering world-class quality products at competitive prices to our clients. With our range of electromechanical parts and accessories, we endeavor to offer the best options available on the market. You can trust that with every order we send out, we’ll find a way to meet your needs!

Our Qualities

We are the industry heads and provide you with the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.


The trust exists both ways, and every employee relies on each other to “watch over each other’s back”.


Communication between employees and managers is constantly clear and precise.


Every company has its ups and downs – leaders are transparent in sharing the good news of the company, as well as the problems faced.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your electrical equipment needs.

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Electro Mech (India) is a leading Industrial Automation Instruments expert, offering quality and unique products. With an extensive knowledge of Automation Instruments, we cater to both large and small scale clients. Having worked with industries such as Hero Group, Aarti Steels, Metro Tyre, GNA Group, Emson Gears, and others, we have a great knowledge of the requirements and difficulties of working with Automation Instruments. We provide our clients with the best solutions to suit their specific requirements, ensuring that we consistently deliver top-quality products.

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